Zachary Gvirtzman is launching his new album Father Tongues with “a mini-arts festival” at Iklectik Arts Lab near Waterloo in London next month. Dance by Seke Chimutengwende, readings from the pages of Different Skies magazine and artwork by Jim Glover, as well as music from the album performed by Zac are planned for the night. Itself a solo piano affair themed, according to pre-release publicity, around “responsibility, authority and familial love” Father Tongues is mainly freely improvised and amounts to the highest profile artistic departure to date by the innovative avant player whose work on Fly Agaric’s In Search of Soma I certainly enjoyed back in 2012. SG. ‘Blind Elephants’ featured on the F-IRE label release is above and the launch gig is on Wednesday 26 April. Link: Tickets