Bliss for boppers and Afro-Cuban heads.

The Curtis Brothers, bassist, Luques, and pianist, Zaccai, also on Rhodes, are definitely worth discovering if you haven’t so far.

Marinated in the undying traditions of the Afro-Cuban stream, bebop and hard bop they were mentored via the Arts Collective in Hartford and at music colleges in Boston.

Syzygy, new this month opens with the classic ‘Afro Blue’ the brothers plus ex-Herbie drummer Richie Barshay and conguero Reinaldo De Jesus. Bud Powell, Dizzy, Horace Silver, Marvin Gaye and Anthony Newley classics blend more than well the brothers connecting all the time and spreading their fraternal spirit across the band. The album was recorded in New Jersey. 

Listen via Bandcamp, above. Link to the Truth Revolution label