12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18At Snape, Oxford, London, Milton Keynes, Cardiff and Hastings this autumn. Less cryptically put another way this string of numbers adds up to 90. Or in loose translation the “Letters I Haven’t Written” tour in October as singer, songwriter, musician, composer Gwyneth Herbert returns to the road and releases an accompanying recording.

Herbert, a “national treasure” of whimsy and playfulness who belongs as much to the theatre, music hall, jazz club and concert stage as she does the record listener continues to place her art as an ever changing exhibit in a vitrine of curiosities for us all to admire. 

She packs her French horn and ukulele with her, jumps on the post train, pianist Tom Gibbs, bassist Sam Burgess, guitarist Rob Luft, and drummer Corrie Dick her fellow posties, to deliver these missives in person — shore to shore.