IT SEEMS heretical and certainly tugs against what I want to report but La Fenice, the 2006 solo Venice concert issued this month, is disappointing. The bad news is that it is no Facing You, the acme of Jarrett in this context. That hardly matters, however.

The sprawling free improv tracks do not gel as much as I had dreamt that they would or elsewhere often do; the Gilbert and Sullivan cover is an oddity but I forgive all of the longueurs mainly because Jarrett is the sort of pianist who can play a single note at a certain point and everything is right with the world. This ‘only’ and yet thankfully occurs on ‘Blossom’ and then continues perfectly across its eight minutes and thirty five seconds. A long and winding road it takes to arrive at a destination perhaps I’d set off straight there and stick around, relieved despite it all that the trip was absolutely worth the pilgrimage in the end. SG