Hardly scientific but I get the feeling that there are fewer top of the tree piano trios about in 2018 — the kind that operates on a level that exceeds the obvious virtuosity of all three players and who all can inject that extra boost of flair and imagination to head-butt and floor our unsuspecting states of consciousness into complete suitably altered submission.

Off the top of my head only the retired and revered Keith Jarrett “Standards trio” with After the Fall plucked from decades’ worth of spools of recordings in the vaults; the Mehldau trio and their Seymour Reads the Constitution; Phronesis’ masterwork We Are All (which shot EST-like shivers down my spine I must say and still does) hit that Shard-high mark... until now that is making room for one more. Incidentally there are ch-ch-changes since “The Now” which was back in 2014 and was a high performance bebop and Brazilian-flavoured trio set that the Harvard-educated pianist Goldberg that time around created with bassist Reuben Rogers and drummer Eric Harland, Goldberg’s approach while not as dark or as intense remains consistent and to an extent goes toe to toe with Mehldau as the closest match to what has gone before of the trios mentioned above. And yet At the Edge of the World steers its own carefully navigated route. This time around Goldberg is with bassist Matt Penman and drummer/percussionist Leon Parker.
From that very Edge listen to the elegantly lulling ‘Luaty,’ above