Need to know just enough essential parts, Fuse Number Eleven is now out and does not early listens suggest disappoint in the slightest. Check the Swedish language electronic press kit complete with subtitles in English and evocative sounds from the trio underlaid as they retreat to the country to record. If you are so far in the dark this is a chance to edge towards finding out why there is already quite a burgeoning groundswell of interest in the trio. Extra Daniel Karlsson trio dates are now by the looks of it already stencilled in as they hurtle around Europe.

Thurs 7 Nov The Albany Club, Coventry

Fri 8th Stoller Hall, Manchester
Sat 9th Clun Valley jazz, Shropshire
Sun 10th Blue Arrow, Glasgow
Wed 13th Fougou Jazz, Devon
Thu 14th Left Bank Village, Hereford
Fri 15th 1000 Trades, Birmingham

The Good Noise 24 October 2019 The Lough Inn

The keyboardist, composer and arranger Milcho Leviev has died at the age of 81. He appeared on Billy Cobham, Gerald Wilson, Don Ellis and Roy Haynes records and as a leader recorded for a number of labels his work spanning several decades, notable titles including The Oracle with Dave Holland.

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