After Sligo coming up this week the next big Irish jazz gathering is at the tail end of September. News of what is on this year is filtering out in dribs and drabs. 

The Sarah Gillespie quintet, Ant Law quartet, Beats and Pieces, part of an Irish tour, and the Darius Brubeck quartet (led by the son of Dave Brubeck building towards the launch of Live in Poland) are among the artists to appear.

The festival website is hard to navigate. Mooch about there for more of what is planned up. More importantly this is a very strong line-up by the looks of it.

Last word: see the tickets page for a good smattering of gigs. 

Just playing some old records this morning. Actually not that old. From 2013. Also looking forward to Ballades, soon. “All my inspiration comes from Ahmad Jamal” — Miles Davis.

I like this story, run on a local website in Madison, Wisconsin, about the naming of “Richard Davis Lane” after the great Out to Lunch and Astral Weeks bassist. The latter album would not conjure the same spell if Davis had happened not to be on it. He contributes to some of its most intimate moments, seemingly getting on a deep level what Van is singing. As for Out to Lunch, well Dolphy is a God and this was his best album. Hugely demanding in terms of its beat and ever shifting feel, again impossible to appreciate without Davis, it continues to inspire great bands like Empirical and fans old and new the world over. SG 


An extract from the story:

“The community is invited to a ribbon-cutting on Saturday, July 20, noon, at the corner of Darbo Drive and brand-new Richard Davis Lane on Madison’s east side.  Richard Davis [top], a Madison jazz legend and Professor Emeritus of Bass at the University of Wisconsin where he taught from 1977 until his retirement in 2016, will officially be honored with a street in his name.”

Full story

Not so much a candidate more a shoo-in, I’ll do an updatable list soon, for inclusion in the best UK jazz albums of the year state of play.

Why so good? Well, the composition puts shreds of a whole bag of styles in the mixer and finds texture and passion. There is quite a lot of free form experimentation, there is also a good deal of trad jazz, exotic easternisms, Americana even thrown in. The shape of the tunes is really clever: you cannot guess what is coming next. Above all Jurd is original. I would hesitate to compare her in terms of sound to anyone. By the way she does not sound in terms of tone or timbre like Kenny Wheeler, which a lot of great Britjazz trumpeters do through love as much as anything else. I am sure she could play a homage to him if she wanted to and it would be thought-provoking but might upset people who would want an impersonation. (People also make the comparisons with Miles Davis, or did earlier in her career. Forget that because it is completely not apt.) 

What I do hear in her playing, just impulsive thoughts but hey as valid as anything, include some sort of distant brass band retooled in an avant laboratory. Read Richard Williams’ blog on Jurd. Above all listen and pick up a copy of Stepping Back, Jumping in (on the Edition label and out now) [**** RECOMMENDED]. SG

Have a listen to the moving lead-off track from Hypermetros, out in late-September. Cult status suits Oddarrang well. Looks like the legend will grow that bit bigger, listening to this. SG 

From In Need of Love which will be released by Elektra/Warners in September.