Loredana is a new project by the vocalist Emilia Mårtensson featuring guitarist Luca Boscagin, percussionist Adriano Adewale, trumpeter Fulvio Sigurta and bassist Sam Lasserson.

The album, to be released on the Babel label, “explores the adversity and the wilderness of the term mother, celebrating the infinite observations about the ‘mother – child relationship’, and how this can shape us throughout our lives. Initially inspired through four specific questions that Emilia asked her audience about their relationship to their mothers, her boundary pushing and original music crosses borders between Scandinavian folk, jazz and art.pop.”

Emilia launches a single from the album at Pizza Express Jazz Club, London on 29 May.

From trumpeter Tom Syson’s upcoming album Different Coloured Days (Syson with Tom Barford saxophone, David Ferris piano, Pete Hutchison double bass and Jonathan Silk drums). Syson will be touring from 12 May with the album launched at the Vortex in London on the 15th.