It is a June release for Taller new from Jamie Cullum on Island records.

The singer’s eighth studio record, Cullum wrote and recorded the new album at the studio of his longtime friend and collaborator Troy Miller.

Taller arrives five years on from his last album, Interlude.

Tabla player Sarathy Korwar releases his second studio album in July and you can listen to tracks from More Arriving, which will mark a switch from Gearbox Records to the Leaf Label, by clicking above.

Korwar’s website notes: “This is not necessarily a record of unity; it is an honest reflection of Korwar’s experience of being an Indian in Britain, and as such is a leap forward from his previous releases, incorporating rappers from Mumbai and New Delhi, spoken word and his own Indian classical and jazz performances. More Arriving is a record born of confrontation; one for our confrontational times.”