Popular across the west of Ireland Sligo town has welcomed her because she is a great and one of our own and not to be outdone Galway city more recently promoted the jazz singer already this autumn, it is moving north Derry’s turn in 2018 to host Liane Carroll. Traversing a gospel, soul and Great American Songbook derived stylistic span generously soaked in bebop, Carroll can be both boisterous and tender and lives inside the songs because she knows and only a few do the true meaning of the blues. On ‘Mercy Now’, for example, she delivers a brilliant attack on the senses: travelling sad and tear jerking at the beginning to arrive loud and proud by the end of her winning interpretation of the Mary Gauthier song, even sat on her own at the piano. She can do it all. Tuesday, lunchtime, free, details.

13th floor

Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror.
But you are eternity and you are the mirror. 
― Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet
Three years on from Vipassana the “knowing thyself” runs even deeper. The drums mean freedom. Eric Harland knows this. Every great drummer and he is one knows this. That is what the drums are fundamentally about. They harness universal vibrations that are around us all the time. The drums are a vessel. He is a vessel.

Coming up out of the heart of jazz is always rhythm. Drums are life. When a non-rhythm player plays there is rhythm. When a rhythm player plays there is also melody if only we can all hear.

Harland we all know from his work with Charles Lloyd and you cannot get a more immersive experience in contemporary jazz than playing with a great master who speaks with the spirits.

13th Floor by the Harland band Voyager is a summit of leaders and the results are greater than the sum of the parts. The pianist is Taylor Eigsti. Walter Smith III is the tenor saxophonist and to place him think Mark Turner: Smith is an equal. Guitarists Julian Lage and Nir Felder take turns. The Ambrose Akinmusire bassist Harish Raghavan, who is one of the world’s great bassists, is most significant given his rapport with Harland, such a dream team.

Jazz begins and ends with the drums. The sound goes back to Congo Square and before that to Africa. All humanity goes back to Africa. And we are all one and that is the ultimate message of the drums and this is a positive record and speaks of this. The tunes are very thematic and can move you. Harland is in a continuum, an Elvin Jones for us today. Exhibiting such grace under pressure Smith is just brilliant as the front man but what is under the bonnet, well the rhythm just goes through you and permeates your being. On GSI **** RECOMMENDED.