Quite funky in a way, taken from the upcoming album Songs of the Degrees by the Israeli pianist Yaron Herman back with his trio again (Sam Minaie is on bass and Ziv Ravitz is on drums) after what seems an inordinately long time. 

To be released by Universal in February, Herman in an evocative phrase talks of each track being a “self-addressed letter.” Certainly good to find Herman back in such fine form with such a strong lead-off track landing in a Mehldau vein to introduce us to his new sounds.  

Anna Webber? Simple back in 2014 was our introduction to the avant saxophonist/flautist and her fractured, interlocking Anthony Braxton-like saxophone lines impressed at the time.

It was certainly music infused with a strong uncompromisingly rugged improvising ethic that was the complete opposite of “simple.”

That positive characteristic remains the same and is enhanced if anything on Clockwise which gets a release next month on the Pi label. 

A couple of tracks have been made available ahead of release.

With Webber are reedist Jeremy Viner; trombonist Jacob Garchik; cellist Christopher Hoffman; pianist Matt Mitchell; bassist Chris Tordini; and drummer/vibist Ches Smith. If you are into the Claudia Quintet you will probably like this a good deal. Lots of sinuous interplay, great sense of syncopation, and a collision between freer forms of abstract jazz and the discipline of contemporary classical music, provide the canvas the ensemble spreads itself liberally over.