Appearing with the acclaimed producer and composer saxophonist Jason Yarde on 9 June is surely our foremost jazz poet singer Anthony Joseph. Expect a Derek Walcott meets Gil Scott-Heron Trinidadian street mix landing in a Linton Kwesi Johnson London moment. For the mind and body. Venue  

26 May 2018 update Jason Yarde says replying to a message from marlbank: “The album is almost done I’m happy to say.” It will be great to hear the rest of what they are working on and live too hopefully in a top jazz club or festival setting. I was thinking back to hearing Anthony with the Spatial AKA, Jerry Dammers’ very fine Sun Ra and Alice Coltrane-inspired ensemble about eight or nine years ago. Tony has always liked Ra and also the Art Ensemble, if memory does not escape me, when I first met him in the mid-1990s and I read some of his fine writings and chatted about free-jazz when he took a break from adding to his manuscripts during tea and lunch breaks when we worked in a book shop located not very far from the much missed Tower Records store which was a jazz lover’s capacious haven inside no.1 Piccadilly Circus.