Albums like Lebroba a studio affair recorded in July last year in a New York studio do not correspond to trends. If they did they would be diminished. Instead they hang in the air. They are not only for today but for tomorrow because they have absorbed their own notion of the past and dispense with the rear view mirror. They create space rather than let space define them.

Opening with Frisell composition ‘Worried Woman’ all three players contribute pieces usually individually only, however ‘TGD’ is a three-player co-write. 

“I'm still using stuff I learned from Nellie Lutcher, the first leader who took me on the road around 1959, when I was studying at Julliard,” Cyrille tells jazz writer Kevin Whitehead in the notes. 

Cyrille’s work with Cecil Taylor who sadly passed away this year secures his place in jazz history. In recent years Cyrille has also blossomed once again and this is a record that you will want to hear particularly if you have missed his recent work or simply want more. 

The effortless mastery incarnate of his Intakt summitry with the Coltranian Reggie Workman & the World Saxophone Quartet matador of magic Oliver Lake is worth your time as a catch-up. 

Cyrille (who was on free-jazz classics such as Conquistador, Unit Structures, both Cecil Taylor, and Afternoon of a Georgia Faun by Marion Brown) is like a painter. There is a creative cosmos at play.

Frisell as he exudes so often on records has a disarming calmness but this record is not just a snoozy listen or ramble but nor does it require tedious patience to get his role. Wadada as ever makes you sit up straight and there is a stark elegant tenderness at play that penetrates deeply as his sometimes dominant role intertwines with the other players. 

Above all and finally there is an elegiac sense to Lebroba. The four-part, more than 17 minute-long, suite dedicated to Alice Coltrane is the most significant part of an album that greets us at the door to enlightenment and assaults our senses with ideas as much as soothes them with what we might expect from such masters at work and play. SG