Hardcore Brad Mehldau fans and marlbank is with you however disillusioned these days and jaded given a sinking feeling that Brad hadn’t done anything that interesting in years until Seymour Reads the Constitution perked us up always prefer the Jorge Art of the Trio Rossy period. And yes of course being brutally honest his replacement Jeff Ballard is a better drummer. But it was never about chops. It never is and never was. Rossy has had an interesting time since leaving the Brad set-up, prolific but pretty obscure, and that was ages ago and he has been a leader himself and a good one for quite a while. I am enjoying this track from Beyond Sunday (Jazz&People) Rossy playing vibes. And yes you are not hallucinating it is the great Al Foster (We Want Miles, mucho exquisite McCoy, Rollins etc) on drums. Count yourself very lucky to hear this cause for celebration today if you have not already. SG