The stalk of the town, landing in an appealingly theatrical Eartha Kitt-meets-Madeleine Peyroux field from out of the blue singer-pianist Sarah McCoy has somehow also drizzled in a certain swampily spooky updated Amy Winehouse slanted thing going on here. Delivered up ever so ominously check this intriguing promo for the Chilly Gonzales co-produced Blood Siren. Who on earth is Sarah McCoy I hear you mutter and should we care? Over to the inevitable press release for a bit of chat where we discover that McCoy used to play piano in a bar “in exchange for quesadillas”. Listening to a bit of ‘Boogieman’ is not at all as, yes, corny the comparison. Dismal January when it comes out, to be released when we get there by Blue Note, is not looking so bleak a prospect after all.