THIS IS SUPERB... keep an eye out for People Are Fragile, out of Chicago, singer-songwriter Ashley Daneman combining a literary sensibility with a driving experimental jazz style where the heart of the song can find itself anywhere and always in a personal intimate space backed by a band with an open improvising set of skills who take it there.

Among the personnel the album, which contains both originals and spirituals (a beautiful version of 'Deep River’ for instance), features break-out drummer Makaya McCraven but above all Daneman’s voice conjures vast complex territory that embraces Joni Mitchell to Gretchen Parlato and far beyond with a soulful, powerful sense of truth hardbedded into it.

About resilience and recovery the singer states: “I’ve had a lot of grief and loss over the past few years and I was very in touch with my fragility. I realized that, to heal even further, I had to become vulnerable again.”  

“I was very influenced by two albums: Joni Mitchell’s Hejira, in terms of the role of the bass and pedal steel and the songwriting; and also Laura Mvula’s album Sing To The Moon, which is one of those albums that when you hear it, you feel it was made just for you and you want to absorb every piece of it. She has a lot of layering and vocal harmonies and that really spoke to me as well.” To be released by the Flood label in March 2019.