Born and raised in Kenya, living later in Minneapolis, J.S. Ondara is doing the promotional rounds soon for his major label debut record to be released in February.

Tales of America is billed by Verve as “an examination of the American Dream from an outsider’s perspective.”

Very acoustic with a rootsy flavour the album was recorded in Los Angeles. Album lyrics are by Ondara who is quoted by the label as saying: “When I came to America five years ago, all I wanted to do was to make a record. I had no leads, no knowledge of how to go about it, I couldn’t even play the guitar at the time. But I loved records so much and I had this dream that someday perhaps, I’d make one of my own. Many a times along the way, I was dealt with challenges that made me doubt my path, but I was too far from home to turn back, so I forged forward. The journey has been long but also short, tumultuous but also exciting. This record is a documentation of my time in America; a deliberation on the times and a search for wisdom and the American Dream.” 

Look out for a London date at the Slaughtered Lamb on 21 January.