Emanating from a hitherto unknown Chicago collective, Resavoir are directed by trumpeter Will Miller who also throws in MIDI keyboard harmonies, ‘Escalator’ (this longer version is better than the shorter one also available) retains a lo-fi unglossy groove to it that journeys on to a sax soloing over a catchy rhythm section the bass bubbling up at you. Akenya Seymour is on keyboards & vocals, Irvin Pierce on tenor sax, Lane Beckstrom on bass, Peter Manheim on drums & percussion, and Jeremy Cunningham on drums, all fairly new names. Released by International Anthem and recorded in Chicago listen on and on for Seymour’s scatting coming out of seemingly nowhere, the keys-led main theme motif recurring again as an undertow as she goes wilder and wilder and then equally unexpectedly the pitch starts waywardly detuning and mucking about in zany fashion behind her. We even get an instrumental portion of ‘My Favorite Things’ tucked in.