This seems like a collection of fragments, a piecing together if you will or a recovery from some sort of innate experience of silence that somehow needs expressing in music. Sometimes a shard of melody emerges from the rubble like the lovely Ornette Coleman-like reverie at the beginning of ‘Blue Horizon’ but just as often the incompleteness stands as a statement in its own right Izumi Kimura on piano nudging the movement of the improvisation along arbitrated by the measured sense that Barry Guy on bass instils. The discipline needed by Gerry Hemingway on drums is very different to the usual role of time keeper or rhythm maker, his role is more about colour, a splash of cymbal here or there. Recorded in a Dublin church last year Illuminated Silence turns into a stealthy meditation, the silence interspersed by the sound of the audience, a kind of a lament in places and yet full of hope.