Everything seems like an ad these days... this is from a YouTube ad and yet it is also news, well certainly striking anyway, because who puts out a 24-disc box set any more anyway? Bill Bruford led in Earthworks one of the best small jazz groups by a famous rocker ever. Earthworks Complete released by Cherry Red surely is the fullest story conceivable of a great group and by the look of it was put together with a lot of love and attention to detail. The entire back catalogue across the band’s 20-year career is chronicled. Earthworks featured Bill Bruford with Iain Ballamy, Django Bates, Patrick Clahar, Laurence Cottle, Tim Garland, Steve Hamilton, Tim Harries, Mark Hodgson, Mick Hutton and Gwilym Simcock among its cast members over the years. Its style was far from the bombast of prog rock and managed to harness that bittersweet Englishness lurking within Bruford’s compositional ideas while at the same time providing a relatively high profile platform for a range of up and coming jazz musicians many of whom are now very well known as leaders in their own right. Bruford always showed great taste in putting together his bands and the records are the hard and fast evidence. Oh, the artwork still looks a treat and Bruford remains a magnet for drummers everywhere.