Enjoying a richly fertile period of creativity at the moment, with for instance After Life striking in its originality in the joy of its reworking of freebop, Noah Preminger is back this autumn with what seems like, just a hunch, a new high watermark, Zigsaw: Music of Steve Lampert. Marlbank asked Noah to introduce the new project and Steve has also kindly contributed a few words in addition.

“It’s difficult to put into words just how meaningful this record is to me, but after 25 years of playing saxophone, travelling the globe as a performer and having recorded 14 albums as a bandleader, I’ve never been so excited as I am now about the release of Zigsaw: Music of Steve Lampert. The band members on Zigsaw are some of the most innovative, swinging and inspiring improvisers and the piece really features all of us in an extraordinary way. 

“I met Steve Lampert at a gig in Greenwich Village around 2010 and we immediately struck up a deep friendship. Listening to and recording Steve’s music has given me a fuller perspective on the relationship between improvisation and composition, deepening the richness of my musical palette. I’m so thankful to Steve for the energy and love he put into creating such a magical piece. I hope listeners will hear the complexities and relatability of the composition, as well as the fierceness and depth of the improvisation.” 

Steve Lampert adds: “‘Zigsaw’ was joyfully composed in response to a request from Noah Preminger and is dedicated to him. The piece is a metaphor for dreams I’ve had, sometimes of surreal character, which zigzag along in puzzle-like continuities. Stylized episodes return in these dreams but they always bear a transformed content somewhat like jigsaw puzzle pieces which have similar or even identical shapes while presenting differing parts of the overall image to which they contribute.”