‘And She Was’ by pianist-composer Carlos Cipa from the upcoming Retronyms. Now playing. Thoughts? Well. “Acoustic piano,” to use a retronym (well for the large part, there are some interesting washy overdubs snuck in). Style, well there is some jazz in terms of any hybrid style or band, and there are many on the contemporary European piano trio scene, that have drawn on minimalism only because it is there in tiny amounts + other music. But, a big caveat if it is an issue for you dear reader, this is not improvisation at all. Nor is it electronica. Impact? Well, yes it has a bleak, rather than harrowing, beauty and avoids the twee. Introverted, in a good way. Also the track is pretty accessible and is beautifully played. Carlos Cipa is playing St Pancras old church, London on 3 October. Tickets. SG