The world premiere of this production by the Mark Morris Dance Group... Come and Go is about togetherness and apartness and the little betrayals, the secrets, tolerated or not. 

Commissioned by Happy Days in association with Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity in Canada, there in the Steele Hall of what used to be called Portora where Samuel Beckett went to school the saturation of image: ladies with their eyes covered by the brims of their hats, the ceremonial hands at the end told only part of the story. No eye contact is made, in the audience we never saw their eyes in Come and Go performed by Elisa Clark, Susan Weber and Teri Weksler.

First performed in English at the Peacock Theatre, Dublin in 1968 characters are FLO, VI and RU, the beginning an intimation of Macbeth “When did we three last meet?” What RU says next to this startling statement which could have gone anywhere is important and this production, revelling in silence, draws this out. “Let us not speak.” 

Little change is a theme in the writing as is concern about how someone is “Dreaming of... love.” All this is delivered through the Morris lens by an unsentimental filter. The three pairs of clasped hands resting on the three laps at the end are about solidarity and love.

In Catastrophe by contrast the deadpanned jokes (punning on light as in lighting a cigar/illumination as opposed to darkness as a riff) fly in strained and highly dangerous circumstances. Mark Morris himself who staged both plays performed the main role, a dictatorial director whose mood flits from firm instruction to tetchy frustration, helped by his assistant setting up the man and object of their attention (victim, saint, innocent however you see him) who was played like a martyr by the preternaturally still Rob Besserer.
Stephen Graham
Continues on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, various venues, Enniskillen. The Morris Group will also perform Quad (which will include music composed by Ethan Iverson) in an additional premiere.

Samuel Beckett, from a Jane Bown image, spray painted on to a shop shutter locally. Photo: marlbank