Look for Coin Coin Chapter Four: Memphis to be released by Constellation on 18 October. One of the world’s greatest saxophonists it is no exaggeration at all to type, it is four years since the third instalment appeared continuing a personal history of family and inner consciousness – the improviser turning Afro-futurism into a sprawl of time travel and anarchy via thoughtfulness unearthed by the examinations of her African American identity and expression through the ferocity and blitz of her own vision of scalding Bird and Braxtonian flavoured ideas. Personnel is: Matana Roberts: alto sax, clarinet, wordspeak, voice; Hannah Marcus: electric guitar, nylon string guitar, fiddle, accordion, voice; Sam Shalabi: electric guitar, oud, voice; Nicolas Caloia: double bass, voice; Ryan Sawyer: drumset, vibraphone, jaw harp, bells, voice + guests Steve Swell: trombone, voice; Ryan White: vibraphone; Thierry Amar: voice; Nadia Moss: voice; Jessica Moss: voice.