To what are we listening today and are we afraid of the big bad wolf? The pastoral soundscapes of Slow Burn; and caring to be a tad literal for a moment if amiably responsive – no. 

Guitarist Mike De Souza has his debut out and promising as a statement of intent and potential it is too, above click for a taster of the live experience. A trio affair, the guitarist who has written the tunes, is with Jay Davis on drums and Hon podcaster extraordinaire Huw V. Williams on bass. Gigs coming up include Camberwell, south London (Jazz at the Crypt on 18 October), and the Spotted Dog, Birmingham (22) followed by Cardiff, Newcastle, Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield and Nottingham – with November dates to follow.

As previously noted in your preferred jazz jotter: de Souza had an EP out called Road Fork. The guitarist has a stellar academic record picking up degrees from Leeds College of Music and the Royal Academy of Music. He notes referring to the title track explaining that: “The piece builds slowly over the course of 9 minutes. I was listening to a lot of Radiohead’s music around the time of writing this piece, and I was hearing the sound of Thom Yorke’s voice in my head as I composed the main melody which steered the direction of the track. Sufjan Stevens album Carrie & Lowell also inspired me with its uses of multiple layers of lush guitars playing different arpeggios which led me to write the initial figure played on acoustic guitar at the start of the track.

• Check the de Souza websiteSlow Burn is on CD and for download.