Switch, Nils Petter Molvær’s new album, has been confirmed for a 7 April UK release. The album, to be released on Sony's OKeh imprint, finds NPM, whose latest album is 2013’s techno ambient duo album with Moritz von Oswald, 1/1, as well as playing his signature whispery trumpet adding acoustic guitar, synthesizer, and programming. The Norwegian is joined by ex-Hanne Hukkelberg drummer Erland Dahlen (also on metal plate, logdrum, steeldrum, drum machine, BlossomBells, xylophone, electric guitar, baritone guitar) who also appeared on Molvaer's 2011 album Baboon Moon. Also on the album are Geir Sundstøl (pedal steel guitar, six string bass, National resophonic guitar, Shankar guitar, marxophone, harmonica) who plays in the band Morris with Dahlen; In The Country's Morten Qvenild (hyper piano, programming and electronics) and finally Jon Marius Aareskjold (additional programming).Tracks are: ‘Switch’, ‘The Kit’, ‘Intrusion I’, ‘Quiet Corners’, ‘Strange Pillows’, ‘Intrusion VII’, ‘Bathroom’, ‘Intrusion VI’, ‘Somewhere Shady’, and ‘Intrusion III’. The release coincides with reissues of six Molvær albums, OKeh have also confirmed, and they are NP3, Recoloured – The Remix Album, Remakes, Re-Vision, ER, and Streamer.

Updated 13 March