Meets I Dig Monk, Tuned
Diatribe ***

Recorded at Bow Lane Studios in Dublin in February ReDiviDer let the “tapes” roll conversationally at the beginning of meets I Dig Monk, Tuned, a successor to the palindromic Never Odd or EveN from 2011. Led by drummer Matthew Jacobson with bassist Derek Whyte, alto saxophonist Nick Roth and trombonist Colm O’Hara plus cameos by Troyka’s Kit Downes, guitarist Alex Roth, trumpeter Alex Bonney and cellist Ben Davis the album title in case you were wondering is an anagram of the words “United Kingdom” referring to where the guests are from.

‘Twin Kodes’ with Downes simmeringly aware on Rhodes, then a tiny little morsel of a tune the electronic jest ‘I, Lute Nerd’, the free jazz squall of ‘Animal Code’, and the highly melodic and deftly contrapuntal ‘Bin Saved’ drive the listener deep into the heart of this fine record.

‘End it Rule’ (another little electronic taster interlude tune) pauses for breath, and then the absorbing ‘Velvet Pouch’ where bassist Whyte provides some great foundation for the ensemble opening into McLaughlin-like guitar from Roth; and finally there's the O’Hara-led ‘May I Agree’ to complete a record that juggles free improv and prog-jazz a sound listeners to WorldService Project or Leverton Fox might be familiar with. But the rock influences such as they are often evaporate into much more experimental music partly indicated by the post-production with its scabrous electronica inflection but minus the beats of any overtly "commercial" dance music. Redivider can hold their heads up with the most creative new jazz bands anywhere as there’s a thoughtfulness, swagger, and confidence about them that’s fresh and fulfilling and crucially they also really cut it live. A big leap forward. Released on 7 October