One of my dreams is that the Belonging band reunites even if that is for one night only. It may never happen. Ask Keith… ask a lot of people. Yet dreams feed and nurture the imagination, sometimes the only source.

Jon Christensen, Bro’s drummer, and key to the success of this trio has been on some wonderful records over the years beyond that fabled Keith Jarrett European Quartet. The pick for me would be Bluish. That was with Stańko in the 1990s and Bro here shares the connection with the trumpeter. Thomas Morgan, the third member of this beautiful trio, also plays with Stańko so there is mutuality important with this kind of music.Tracks are ‘Gefion’, ‘Copenhagen’, ‘And They All Came Marching Out of the Woods’, ‘White’, ‘Lyskaster’, ‘Airport Poem’, ‘Oktober,’ and ‘Ending’ all contributing to the whole, the slowness, the Cooder-esque ache, the blues, the subtle shifts of Bro’s musical vision a symphony of understanding.

The Belonging band on My Song

The language is new and that is why Bro is so important a player. I’m reluctant to hand out five stars but with the guitarist it’s just a Bro-brainer all over again just as good as December Song featuring Lee Konitz and Bill Frisell but no drummer at all and which I adored at the time of release and still do.

December Song’s Vinterhymne

The title Gefion refers to a Nordic goddess, and the album was recorded in November 2013 at the jazz shrine of Rainbow in Oslo. Live Bro and co are brilliant and could be the talk of Jazz Ahead this year. SG

You can sample Gefion here