Brian Eno (above) is to remix live at September’s Punkt festival in the southern Norwegian city of Kristiansand.

Eno, the festival’s artistic director for 2012, doesn’t often appear on stage these days, and will take to the Alfa Room, the live remix room at the heart of the festival renowned for the immediate remixing of live sets by a variety of complementary artists.

Alfa is like a stage and studio hybrid, an extension of festival curators Jan Bang and Erik Honoré’s concept in integrating live sampling and live electronics, with remixing at its core.

Other artists set to appear are: Cyclobe, Stephen Thrower and Ossian Brown’s electronic project founded in 1999 playing only their third concert; Malian guitarist/n’goni player Guimba Kouyaté; singer/composer Ebe Oke, who Eno has collaborated with in recent years; Iceland-based Australian electronicist Ben Frost; Canadian violinist Owen Pallett; live ambient remixers Marconi Union; Icelanders glitch electronica outfit Múm; and noisniks Three Trapped Tigers.

Stephen Graham