Tori Freestone

Tori Freestone is to make her debut with In the Chophouse. A member of pianist Ivo Neame’s octet, the saxophonist/flautist made her mark on Neame’s significant 2012 album Yatra, Freestone also co-leads Compassionate Dictatorship and appeared on the Jamil Sheriff Big Band album Ichthyology.
On In The Chophouse, a trio album to be released by Whirlwind Recordings, Freestone is joined by ex-Fraud drummer Tim Giles and Riff Raff bassist Dave Manington.
The genesis for the project goes back to Freestone's involvement in trumpeter Neil Yates’ large ensemble Surroundings project premiered at the Manchester Jazz Festival, and the album takes its name from Mr Thomas’s Chop House, a Manchester pub located near St Ann’s Square.
Freestone has been performing with Giles and Manington since their college days and they have all taken inspiration from ‘non chord’ sax-led trios including Joe Henderson's, Seamus Blake’s, and Fly among others. In The Chophouse is released on 21 April.
Tori Freestone above Photo: Whirlwind