Nestled between James Dunn’s fascinating archive collage show and The Arts Desk’s “folkadelia, psychtronica and afro-prog" extravaganza, I found myself spinning a few tunes for an hour on Babel Babble, sitting in for resident DJ Oliver Weindling, this afternoon. I thought before it’s available as a download from NTS I’d add a playlist and associated artist links/photos/videos/tracks as jumping off points where possible. Most of the tracks played are from new albums destined for immediate or spring release with a classic archive track slotted in as well, as Chick Corea is in town with The Vigil. So here goes:

Rokia Traoré
Beautiful Africa

Link to the title track here: & marlbank story today (scroll down)

Dave Douglas Quintet
‘Time Travel’
Time Travel
Greenleaf Music

Album cover


Aaron Diehl
‘Single Petal of a Rose’
The Bespoke Man’s Narrative
Mack Avenue

Three tracks from the album streamed here:

Alex Wilson
‘Remercier Les Travailleurs’
Alex Wilson records

The trio Alex Wilson (below, left), Frank Tontoh, and Davide Mantovani


Robert Hurst
‘Indiscreet in da Street’
Böb A Palindrome,

Detroit jazz fest video

Goran Kajfes
The Reason Why, Vol 1


Chick Corea
‘What Game Shall We Play Today’
Return to Forever


Circular Dreaming

Album cover top

Terri Lyne Carrington
Rem Blues/Music’
Money Jungle: Provocative in Blue
News piece

Bobby Avey

Be Not So Long To Speak
Minsi Ridge Records

Video of Avey with Miguel Zenon

You can listen again and download the Babel Babble hour when the show is archived in a few days. SG

Updated (playlist order and link): You can now listen via this link at