Torchbearer for the beats: Michael Horovitz

Ian McMillan in ‘I wandered lonely as a cat’ on Radio 4 tomorrow at 11.30 explores the history of jazz and poetry from the Harlem Renaissance and the San Francisco beats, via Pete Brown and Michael Horovitz with McMillan joined in conversation by singer Barb Jungr.

Saturday’s Jazz Record Requests (R3, 7.45pm) concentrates on the trumpet, with tracks by Miles Davis, Valaida Snow, and Bill Coleman. Pat Halcox, of the Chris Barber band who died recently, is remembered by the programme’s presenter, Alyn Shipton.


Henri Texier: Inimitable savoir-faire

Jazz Line-Up (R3, Sun, 11pm) presented by Julian Joseph this week concentrates on the hard blowing Marius Neset quartet in concert, recorded in the Merseyside seaside town of Southport. The programme also features an interview with Mark Lockheart. Jazz on 3 on Monday evening, again on Radio 3 at 11pm, features French bass legend Henri Texier and his trio, plus the duo of Trevor Watts and Veryan Weston, recorded at the 2012 London Jazz Festival. MB