So festivals based on album titles. What’s to think? Well, I’m in favour although, clearly, some album titles would not quite work. 20 Jazz Funk Greats might not be the best choice to be perfectly frank. Throbbing Gristle fans aren’t necessarily heartland jazz fans. Or at all. But can you imagine the chaos? And a festival themed around Peter Brötzmanns Machine Gun might be a bit intense.

Brilliant Corners though works, and if you noticed the earlier post today about festivals, its first running as a festival later this month bristles with some great artist choices. 

The album Brilliant Corners itself has just five tracks: the title track clocking in modestly at just under eight minutes followed by the A side epic ‘Ba-Lue Bolivar Ba Lues-Are’; with ‘Pannonica’, named after the jazz baroness of course; ‘I Surrender Dear’; and jam session favourite, ‘Bemsha Swing’, completing the music. The album’s producer Orrin Keepnews recalls the album in this fascinating video, a link to which is below. MB