Chelsea club to host festival from 22 May-2 June

Philadelphia jazz legend Pat Martino is to open the 606 club’s 25th anniversary festival in May with the guitarist making his first ever appearance in the Chelsea basement club. Originally located on the King’s Road, bandleader and flautist Stevie Rubie’s classic jazz club has consistently punched above its weight now long established on Lots Road, near the old Lots Road power station and in itself generating enough jazz power to keep the street swinging with neighbourhood, national, and international appeal as a jazz venue.


The festival begins on Wednesday 22 May with Pat Martino opening the 606 25 Fest, and while the complete line-up is still to be confirmed artists taking part in the 606 festival, which runs until 2 June, with up to four bands playing each night, are so far: Dan Reinstein, Dill Katz, Tony Kofi (Thursday 23 May); Lillian Boutte, Ian Shaw, Jacqui Dankworth (Friday 24 May); Mornington Lockett, Tim Whitehead, Nigel Hitchcock (Saturday 25 May); 606 Club Big Band (Sunday 26 May lunchtime); Hamish Stuart, Tony O’Malley (Sunday 26 May evening); 606 club band past and present, Jim Mullen, Ronnie Scott All-Stars (Monday 27 May); Adam Glasser with Robin Aspland, Tony Remy, Steve Watts and Frank Tontoh, John Critchinson/Dave Ciff, Derek Nash (Tuesday 28 May); Gwilym Simcock, John Parricelli / Mark Lockheart, Iain Ballamy (Wednesday 29 May); Jack Wilkins/Peter Rubie, Dave O’Higgins, Clark Tracey (Thursday 30 May), Paul Carmichael, Imaani, Stacey Brothers (Friday 31 May); Julian Joseph, Peter King, Bobby Wellins (Saturday 1 June), Christine Tobin (lunchtime, Sunday 2 June), Liane Carroll, Tommy Blaize Band, and Samara (Sunday 2 June). MB

Pat Martino top is opening the 606 25 Fest. Club owner Steve Rubie pictured in action above with his new band Skydive on flute