Larry Stabbins returns with his latest album Transcendental to be released by the Cornwall-based Noetic Records on 1 September.

It’s an organic twist on 2009 Tru-Thoughts album Stonephace (the moniker the veteran saxophonist and flautist is using nowadays) switching from the electronic laden drum sound of that well received album. Stabbins’ band features his colleague in Jerry Dammers’ Spatial AKA band, pianist Zoe Rahman, along with Galliano percussionist Crispin “Spry" Robinson, Soweto Kinch Band bassist Karl Rasheed Abel and drummer Pat Illingworth, well known for his work with clarinettist Arun Ghosh.

Recorded by Ben Lamdin at the Fish Factory studio in Willesden the main talking point of the album is a version of Coltrane’s ‘Africa’ clocking in at just under eight minutes, and songs from Stonephace plus ‘Soul Train’ from Working Week days along with new tunes.

Definitely in the spiritual jazz vein, it’s a welcome return for Stabbins and a shot in the arm for the Coltrane revivalist scene which has been lit up once again in recent years by the likes of Nat Birchall, as well as Rowland Sutherland and Orphy Robinson’s reimagining of ‘A Love Supreme’ last month.

Stephen Graham

Larry Stabbins, pictured above