One of the things that I like most about Matthew Shipp is that he is completely genuine in his approach. There is nothing fake about his improvisational style. He is not a lifestyle product! He lays down his improvisations raw and untreated. Signature finds the  former David S. Ware Quartet player in a trio situation, the themes lean and tender, or sometimes scraps of an idea that somehow translate into elegance and logical development. With the bassist Michael Bisio and drummer Newman Taylor Baker Shipp has found soulmates in this studio recording continuing their longstanding work together. A must for free-jazz fans. SG


Some lovely mainstream playing here from Yotam Silberstein drawn from Future Memories, a new album out next month issued by the Jazz&people label which, beside the guitarist’s own compositions, includes work by Hamilton de Holanda and Paulinho da Viola — and you can hear Yotam Silberstein at the Pizza Express Jazz Club in London on 11 March.