Our album of the week back in July and overall archive album of the year. Quite the miracle that we as a global jazz community got to hear it all and now the music of John Coltrane new or old it matters not a jot finds a bigger audience than ever given the reach of the Internet in the process of passing on the torch to the unborn beyond the grave. Coltrane, the release underlined yet again, is still an inspiration to us all. His sound always quests deeper as here with the classic quartet in 1963. It instils in us all via his sublime artistry once again hope, love, and freedom which are the essence of jazz and resound more loudly on personal terms and necessarily than ever.

A departure here documenting a road hardened band led by one of the greats, Brad Mehldau drummer Jeff Ballard along with another huge star Herbie Hancock guitarist/vocalist Lionel Loueke; Kevin Hays on piano, keyboards, vocals; Reid Anderson electronics, better known as the bassist in The Bad Plus; and Pete Rende, piano + Fender Rhodes — Fairgrounds is to be released by Edition on 25 January 2019.